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Fantasy Gardens

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Fantasy Gardens

Come see the world through your child's eyes

where mermaids swim and fairies fly

a world filled with wonder and delight

a world so perfect it must be right

so come with me and step within

and to yourself be a child again




Down at the bottom of the Garden

Have you ever thought at night
as you lay down your head,
about the little fairies
down by the garden shed?
For as you slumber sweetly on your
pillow stuffed with feathers, those
little sprites are having fun in
just about all weathers!
Leap-frogging the toadstools.
Showering in the rain.
Diving in the puddles.
Jacuzzi in the drain!
Flying with the butterflies.
Dancing in a ring.
Catching jars of moon dust.
Flying on a wing.

Floating on the snowflakes.
Skating on the ice.
Sliding down the rooftops.
Riding little mice.
Curling up in flowerpots,
hide and seek theyll play,
until the sun begins to rise and
dawns the brand new day.
Behold the magic garden,
enchantment seems to fade,
though nature blossoms bountifully
the sprites no longer play, but
when the sun starts sleeping, and the
moon arrives at eve, then
If you watch real carefully,
like me youll soon believe.
2002 Ananya


Faerie One Little and Wise
Little faerie with fragile wings
Dance with me amoung the springs.
Giggle and flirt with the sun,
within the shadows lies all the fun.
From your flute pleasing music flows,
As you sit upon thy fragrant rose.
I hear your laughter near the brook,
Amoung the garden I shall look.
"Little ones come out and play,"
"The dew fortells a beautiful day."
"Look inside yourself," the faerie says,
"To find true love and one that cares."
I hear her laughter fade away,
So I sit and search for love this day.
Although surrounded by the beauty of thy garden,
The love within thy heart shall no pardon.
As dusk grows near,
Sweet flute music fills thy ears.
"O faerie one little and wise,"
"Why is love so full of lies?"
"Do as I say," she said to me,
"Within thy heart true love be."
~Amy Banks 6/3/97~


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There's a secret in my garden. Can you find it? A hidden little path to a special little place. So tread lightly and look indepthly so you might find a hidden treasure :o)


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Where are the fairies?
Where can we find them?
We've seen the fairy-rings
they leave behind them!
When they have danced all night,
Where do they go?
Lark, in the sky above,
Say, do you know?
Is it a secret no one is telling?
Why, in your garden
Surely they're dwelling!
No need for journeying, Seeking afar:
Where there are flowers, the fairies are!
"Author Unknown"

 ~*For years stories have been told of enchanting lands where faires roam the skies and nymths walk wooded grounds. Where mermaids dwell the deep and unicorns prance through the night. A world filled with laughter and song blanketed in mystery and wonder.

  Tales of brave knights, princesses in distress, a world of wonder and magic. The imagination of your child or possiably real? That is for you to decide, join me in these many tales and explore a world of ancent proportion and go back and believe again*~

Artwork (c) Jessica Galbreth
mermaidjessicasgartwork.jpg Great site! Not about fantasy but check it out!

Symphony Of The Sea

The smoky breath of Poseidon,
Billowing over wintered wings.
Gracefully touched by ice maidens,
Silent thoughts magically sing.

The mother's crystalline wine,
Flows over verdant isles.
Glimmering like an ancient shrine,
A mirror expanding endless miles.

A melody floats upon the tides,
Lingering within cool sprays.
Upon creamy foam the tune rides,
And silver notes gently raise.

Sweetened with an aqua hue,
The mermaid song plays on.
Secrets of the depths are viewed,
Unlocked by the coming dawn.

A symphony soars within the light,
Sea nymph voices floating high.
Within the sound I hear her might,
Echoing where ocean meets sky.

The crystal opera begins to fade,
Becoming now a hymn of the sea.
Memories fall in a final cascade,
Reminding that the song shall always be.

~*by Alwye*~

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What's New?

Whats New and Whats to come:

Okay here's what to come:
UPDATE: Om om om I haven't updated in forever! With school and such i haven't the time but after reading the outstanding comments i've recieved in my questbook how could i keep you guys waiting? So nothing has changed in quite some time but here is what you can expect over the next couple of months: 1. Updated polls and the results of the ones present put into effect. 2. I've taken some art classes and seems to be my father's artistic talent didn't allude me it simply was dormant and hiding but i've honed it a bit and I'm not that bad I need a reference (meaning I look at a picture and redraw it in my own hand) I've done alot of Amy Brown images and soon as I get a scanner i'll put a gallery of my stuff on here :o) be gentle in your critism though i didn't say i was outstanding! lol anyway those sketches i've done come complete with poems it'll take me a while so be paitent i'll put a poll to what ya'll think of the idea. 3. Myspace link! Finally got one of those so feel free to direct comments and emails to that rather then my email address that will soon disappear! Thats it for the time being i work thirty hours a week cut me some slack lol besides that college is starting very soon! Keep checking back my dear and loyal fans!



 Heres what to expect:

   Lots of graphics! so pages might take some time to load

   Poetry, some of my own and some from other sites so please dont take any of these poems once i get this site completed all credit will be given and links back to the sites they orginated from will be on the links page. eventually there will be numbers under all the graphics these numbers will correspond with the number next to the links telling you were they came from.

   Each page will include common legends and stories told about the particular fantasy creature/person. Some of the imgaines and content on these pages might not be suitable for imature ppl, or young children. Please keep this in mind when visiting the fairy pages, mermaid,and woodland folk pages for these imgaines are often protrayed with little or no form of clothing although mostly sutle some parents might not approve of there children viewing these graphics.

  All items on these pages you are not allowed to take please visit the site they orginated from and follow there rules on using the graphics and or poetry. Poetry, with " ~Akalie~" typed underneath is work of my own and if you would care to use these on your own pages please email me at the address provided I dont mind as long as you credit me and provide a link back to this site. None of the Imagines seen on these pages are drawn or made by me they are all done by other artists ( not saying i'm an artist cuz i am not, I'm far from it! :o) )

  All stories found within each of these pages are not in my own words but taken off other sites see the link below the legend/story to see where it orginated from. However, all information found on this site i have put into my own words. I will do my best to put all sites used in obtaining the information at the very bottom of the pages.

  All graphics found on these pages are, as far as i know, free to use on websites if you see a graphic that is yours please email me and i will either remove it or give you a link whichever you would like. For the time being if you do not find a link back to your site that you have specified give me time after i get all the graphics up i will add all the links back to your site thankyou for your understanding.


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My Enchanted Garden
Come one and all,
If you dare,
To my enchanted garden,
Please dont be scard,
I have goblins and monsters,
Witches and Hags,
Also with there magical bags,
In these bags you will see,
Tricks and treats for you and me,
But don't get me wrong,
Listen with care,
Not only gargantuan beasts live here,
We have fairies and Nymphs,
Pixies and Gnomes,
centaurs and mer-people,
Elves and Sprites,
But beware of those glowing lights,
For there only a gag,
As you will see,
This was done by the red fairy,
Her name is unknown,
Some think she's a tale,
Told to children at bedtime,
If they wail,
But enough about her,
Lets talk about mer-people,
and there under lore,
Because if you listen carefully,
You will hear they live in the pond,
Just outside my door,
they have no legs,
but fins,
not feet,
They're friends not foe,
Isn't that neat!
Also i should tell you of,
The centaurs too,
For they will be amazing,
For me and for you,
You see they are half man,
and half beast,
I should say at least,
Well lets move on to the michievious elves,
What are seen at the tips of there shoes?
They trick more than treat
So if you should meet,
one of these,
Scare then away with a roar and a growl,
Don't get mixed up with them,
Just ask the barking Owl,
Now i should tell you of,
They are pretty,
Beautiful enough to get you in a tizzy,
So don't give them a look of any kind,
For it may mean your death,
In very soon time,
Now i will tell you of the fea's and the pixies,
They are the kind you will like,
I guarantee it,
Just be sure to give them enough sweet treats,
Or they'll take a hike!
Well gnomes you see,
Live in holes in trees,
And don't come out for anything if you please,
Only for morsels of food left behind,
By little children wandering,
Some of the time,
Well thats the tale of my enchanted garden,
I hope it's made your heart un-harden,
But might i end this to the end of my tale,
believe in anything,
It will get you far,
It'll bring new worlds,
That are very bizzare,
Just like my garden,
As you will see,
It is an impossiable mystery,
That to this day,
I cannot figure out,
Oh well,
I guess it wasn't meant to be known about,
So lets keep this a secrete,
Just you and me,
And not tell a soul,
~Ashley Mare Lettice~

If you look real hard you just might find a secret path that leads to my secret garden....