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Fantasy Gardens

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Fantasy-Garden's Kids Patch

Express your creative side:

Aloha! Welcome to the kids patch of my fantasy garden! This page will be completely kid friendly when finished! It'll include stories, poetry, fables, and information and get this there written either for or by kids! Sound neat? Well here's something cooler your child or yourself can have a short story posted on this page! Course there are some rules but there simple :o) what more info check the message board!





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The Rainbow Faeries

- Author Unknown

Two little clouds, one summer's day,
Went flying through the sky;
They went so fast they bumped their heads,
And both began to cry.

Old Father Sun looked out and said:
'Oh, never mind, my dears,
I'll send my little fairy folk
To dry your falling tears.'

One fairy came in violet,
And one wore indigo;
In blue, green, yellow, orange, red,
They made a pretty row.

They wiped the cloud-tears all away,
And then from out the sky,
Upon a line the sunbeams made,
They hung their gowns to dry.


Children born of fairy stock
Never need for shirt or frock,
Never want for food or fire,
Always get their hearts desire:
Jingle pockets full of gold,
Marry when they're seven years old,
Every fairy child may keep
Two strong ponies and ten sheep;
All have houses each his own,
Built of brick or granite stone;
They live on cherries, they run wild-
I'd love to be a fairy's child.
                          --Robert Graves


Have you ever watched the Fairies?

- Rose Fyleman

Have you watched the fairies when the rain is done
Spreading out their litting wings to dry them in the sun?
I have, I have! Isn't it fun?

Have you heard the fairies all among the limes
Singing little fairy tunes to little fairy rhymes?
I have, I have, lots and lots of times!

Have you seen the fairies dancing in the air
And dashing off behind the stars to tidy up their hair?
I have, I have: I've been there!

The Fairies Have Never A Penny to Spend

- Rose Flyeman

The fairies have never a penny to spend,
They haven't a thing put by;
But theirs is the dower of bird and of flower.
And theirs are the earth and the sky.
And though you should live in a place of gold
Or sleep in a dried-up ditch,
You could never be poor as the fairies are,
And never as rich.

Since ever and ever the world
The have danced like ribbion of flame,
The have sung their song through the centuries long,
And yet it is never the same.
And though you be foolish or though you be wise,
With hair of silver or gold,
You could never be young as the fairies are,
And never as old.

Stories and Tales

Fairy Cats

By: Sarah Dibble

( This story has been put on this website with the permission of the author Please do not take from this webpage for any reason)

"You can't catch me!" yelled Ash. She and her friend C.J. were playing air tag. Just then, Dolly the dolphin showed up with a pouty face. " No fair!" she called. " You guys know I can't fly! I wish I was a fairy cat, too." When she realized that they were not listening, she sadly walked away.

Hours later, the fairy cats finally decided to stop playing. They were very tired out. They went back to their homes to sleep. In the morning, Ash woke up to a surprise, C.J. burst through Ash's bedroom door. " My wings!" she yelled. "They're gone!" Ash looked at the missing wings on C.J's bare back then touched her own back to make sure her wings were there. They were. " You can't fly?" Ash asked. C.J. shook her head. Suddenly she felt lucky to have wings.
"My sister, too. The neighbors...everyone!" C.J. said and panicked. "So we'll just have to find out how it all happened. Don't worry, Dolly will help us. She's good with things like that. " C.J. agreed and Ash called dolly. She was over in a flash. Dolly examined the spot where C.J.'s wings had been. " you had glitter on your wings?" Dolly asked. She said no. "Hmm...there is glitter on your back. This is the same glitter I saw as I was coming over here. I thought your wings might have dropped it." she showed C.J. a sample of the glitter.

"it was on my sister! I saw it just this morning!" C.J. said. All three of them came to the conclusion that every Fairy cat that had lost their wings had the flitter. "some one with glitter did it. Fairy dust!" "But why would a Fairy cat do it to another? It must be a fairy person! We'll go to every Fairy person's house in town." Dolly said. They wwent from house to house but everyone was innocent. One Fairy person name Ariyl had glitter on her hands. " It was you Ariyl?" asked Ash. Ariyl looked down; " You guys were playing all day yesterday and you came into my yard. You didn't even invite me to play with you. It was rude. It was rude when you ignored Dolly, too!" Ariyl was their age, 16.

"Dolly you wanted to play with us?" Ash asked. She nodded and both girls apologized. " You made think that Fairy cats are selfish. SO i went around town and stole all of the wings. I made it all around town by dawn, but I didn't have enough time to get to Ash's house. Here are the wings," she said. She gave the wings C.J. and flew around town returning the wings. She even gave a pair to Dolly! THen they all flew up in the air and played air tag. They all lived happily ever after!

The End


Summoning spell from the movie: A Fairy Tale-a true story
Come out from you fairy bower
Come upon this golden hour
Come to us we beg you please
Fairy dust amoung the breeze


Fantasy Movie recomendation/Review

Title: A Fairy Tale-A true story

      This marvelous movie is about two girls; Francis and Elsie, whom are cousins. Francis came from Africa to stay with Elsie because her father is missing in war. Together they play with fairies down in the beck (stream) which happens to be at the bottom of a garden. Elsie’s brother died but when we were alive he saw and believed in fairies. Her mother morns his death greatly. SO the girls take Elsie’s father’s camera to photograph themselves with the fae. They succeed! And are taken to a man specializing in identifying false photographs (H.R. Shellings) and pronounced them, indeed, genuine. Till this day they cannot prove how they’re not real. Amazing isn’t it??
Ps. For more information on the Cottington's girls and their story go to:

Rules to submitting a story/poem:
1. In order to be displayed on this page your story/poem MUST BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES!!
2. Must be related to fantasy aka about fairies, mermaids, unicorns, nymphs, elves ect.
3. Of course it MUST be your own work. Please do not claim others work as your own. You wouldn't want it done to you so please lets not do it to others.
Thats it....simple rules huh? Now then a few notes. If you are submitting a peom or story that you would like to displayed on another page of this site please abide by these Rules:
1. MUST be fantasy related as rule #2 states above.
2.Does not have to be as suitable for children but needs to be clean no dirty stories or poems people sorry this is a relatively kid friendly site. If any stories or poems are submitted that do not follow these rules will be deleted ASAP!
3. Again the work needs to be your own. Please state what page you'd like your story to be posted if no page is mention i'm assuming you wish it displayed on this page and that you followed the rules listed above.

E-mail address
Story Title
Name you'd like as credit due
page you'd like your story/poem displayed


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